Access our expertise from anywhere in the world

Connect with world-renowned medication specialists who review your individual situation, answer questions & provide a comprehensive report

  • Could it be my meds that’s causing   _____?
  • How can I optimize my medications?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate one or more of my medications?

The world’s first internet based comprehensive drug event consultation service can help you find answers to these and related questions through our three step process:

  1. Set you up for access to your medical records in the RxISK Patient Portal.  The Portal provides access to referral and consent forms that are completed by you and uploaded to the Portal;
  2. Schedule and conduct an interview of approximately an hour using the web based GoToMeeting to meet with a member of our medical team to review your situation and answer your questions; and
  3. Follow up with a written personal consultation report.  (Reports and expert witness services are also available for civil or criminal litigation.)